Electrical Submetering – Honolulu, Hawaii


electrician looking at circuit breaker in Honolulu, HawaiiMeter conversions are useful if you have a multi-unit property in which you rent part of the whole of it to different tenants. If you have a multiplex unit with one meter, it is impossible to determine which unit consumes what. That leads to problems when it comes to paying the bill, and created difficulties to diagnose and perform needed repairs. Separating the circuit and adding a separate meter for each unit will make it possible to determine how much electricity each unit used each month. Tenants are more likely to reduce their energy consumption if they are responsible to pay their own bill and see it every month. 

Another time you should consider submetring is if you own a commercial building and rent out the spaces to different tenants to have their businesses. That way you can have the tenants pay for their own electric bill. If the power consumption can already vary so much between families living in the same square footage, imagine the consumption difference between different businesses.  

We know that when tenants have electricity included they are less likely to care about saving energy. PRO Electrical Honolulu strives to use our powerful knowledge to save money to our clients and save our Hawaii environment from wasted resources. Similarly, to a multifamily unit, if there is an electrical problem reported in a big building, it will be a lot easier for the electrician to access and repair the issue if the circuit is submetered. 

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