Subpanel Installation

Subpanel Installation Honolulu

There are many reasons why you may want to invest in an electrical subpanel installation for your Honolulu home. The primary reason why you may consider a subpanel is to move one of your circuits to another panel. You can do that for safety, efficiency, better organization of the wires, or to get it to an area far from the main panel. The main reason why we are called to install a subpanel in Oahu is to add electricity to a garage or home addition. 

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Top Reasons to Install a Subpanel in Oahu


Examples are if you have big electrical appliances or devices close to the circuit breaker, or if you are not able to reach the main circuit breaker box. This is commonly seen for a duplex. In Oahu we often see only one electrical meter for a duplex house. That usually means there is also one electrical panel. If one resident can’t reach that main panel, a subpanel installation can be advised. 


A sub-panel is often used to better distribute electricity usage. In general, appliances function better if they are close to the main panel. We do a lot of subpanel installations in Aiea, Pearl City, Aiea, Kaneohe, and even Hawaii Kai for this reason. People like to keep electrical tools and exterior AC condenser in their garage and a subpanel can be the key to make that function possible.


If you run out of space for circuits in your circuit box, you should look into a subpanel instead of a new panel. Never connect two wires to a circuit breaker when (double tapping) as it will overload the circuit. Overloaded circuits are at risk for electrical fire and damage of your wires and appliances. 

If you are considering adding a sub panel to your home in Hawaii, give us a call. We will answer any questions and our electrician will check our your house to make sure that option is recommended and safe, followed by a FREE quote, no obligation. 

Commercial Subpanel Oahu

As mentioned for the main panel and wiring, commercial demands are often different. The same can be said for subpanels. You can trust Pro Electrician Honolulu to install and repair a commercial subpanel. We have extensive experience in commercial jobs. Call us today (808) 460-6336

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